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Photo Shoot at Sea

Branding & Video Marketing

Partnered with Keystone Productions LLC

Branding Package

Working from a Cafe

Social Media

WFH Setup


Capture moments through video and content, empower communication, and build a community with our social media package. By telling your unique story, we will help you to grow your awareness, boost your engagement, and connect with your target audience. 

3-6 Month Social Media Strategy

  • Target market development

  • Channels & messaging

  • Goals, metrics, & tracking

1 Month of Content: "done for you"

  • Content copy 

  • Hashtags

  • Stock photos & image direction

Media Tools, from Keystone Productions

  • Video marketing for brand awareness (ex. short & long promo videos)


By combining key elements of media and language, we will help you discover and convey your purpose. With our branding package, we will further define your unique identity and increase your brand’s recognition, making your business a top-of-mind choice for years to come.

Identity Kit

  • Logo, fonts, & color scheme

  • Identity & personality development

  • Language, messaging, & channels

Media Tools, from Keystone Productions

  • Promotional video

  • Logo animation

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