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About the Owner & Name

My Blend of Marketing

I am a marketing professional with a heart full of coffee and a passion for the fitness world. In recent years, I founded Bodies by Beall and Double Shot Marketing LLC, shifted my focus to freelance marketing, and developed a creative knack for all things content.

As a digital media strategist and published blog writer, I have mastered skills ranging from creative brainstorming and research, and copywriting, to storytelling, market immersion, and social media marketing.

My secret? Caffeine-- Dunkin' Donuts coffee. 

The same goes for marketing and branding. A new or developing company can use a little caffeine too-- a brand's personal wake-me-up. Are you creating a memorable buzz and a lasting impression, or are your customers losing energy and willingness to stay loyal?

I am here to provide you with the most relevant, efficient, customer centric, traffic-driving results possible. Together we will grow a unique brand. 

So, if you believe your brand is in need of a wake up call, please reach out today. I am always happy to chat-- want to grab some coffee?

-Elizabeth Beall

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